Infotek's main reason of existence is to enable our clients reach their goals and increase their profitability by utilizing technology. Technology brings huge benefits to the organizations such as simplicity and visibility.

Our main philosophy has always been to work proactively and not only to save the day. Our more than 30 years of business applications experience in various sectors and our dynamic staff help us in this process.

Time and budget are by far the most valuable components of any technology project. And the visibility of those from start to end depends on good project management which in turn requires good consulting.

Infotek uses these three principals to solve client problems:

  1. First we decide if the problem at hand can be solved utilizing Infotek expertise. Which means we help you to find the correct solution partner. If the problem can be solved by Infotek, we either directly help you, or request assitance from other partners (e.g. e-Invoice integrators) depending on the scope of your project.
  2. We determine right technologies and the terms of use. This allows our clients to clearly see the process waiting for them. They can prepare their time and budget accordingly.
  3. And as the last step we do a detailed analysis of the situation in order to come up with the right solution. This allows us to correctly manage the expectations of our clients from various sectors. This way we can offer comprehensive, flexible turnkey solutions.

With many years of experience in business applications and many years of Microsoft business partnership under our belt, we enable your company utilize latest technologies and right solutions with right budgets.

Infotek meets the needs of its clients in best possible ways in service, manufacturing, retail, health, medical, agriculture and maritime sectors and more.

With Infotek, turn your head toward the future!