Infotek, as your solutions partner, provides you with Infotek e-Archive Integration along with the powerful and easy to use ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You can find detailed information aboout e-Archive below.

With the VUK (Tax Procedures Code) Serial No. 433 e-Archive application has entered into force. It covers the creation, protection, submission and reporting of e-Invoices in electronic environment with the standards set by GIB (Internal Revenue Administration).

Real or legal entities wishing to benefit from this system must first be registered in the e-Invoice system.

Real or legal entities that create and maintain invoices electronically within the scope of EFKS (Electronic Billing Registration System) must switch to this application as of 01/04/2015.

Real or legal entities that sell goods and services over the Internet and have gross sales revenue of $5 Million TL or more in 2014 must switch to e-Archive application by 1/1/2016 at the latest. If you are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV user or are planning to migrate to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform in the near future, and if you are looking forward to take advantage of this system, you can get in touch with Infotek for more information on this solution that will fully meet your needs. Our expert advisors will provide you with exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about e-Archive

1What is the difference between e-Archive ile e-Invoice preservation services?
e-Archive covers creation and reservation of the second copies of invoices generated for taxpayers who are not yet part of the e-Invoice system. e-Invoice preservation services on the other hand cover the preservation of e-Invoices generated for taxpayers who are part of the e-Invoice system.
2How do recipients receive the e-Archive invoice document??
It is sent to the taxpayer registered to the e-Invoice system as e-Invoice and stored in this way. The taxpayers who are not registered to the e-Invoice system are sent as printed paper invoices. In this case, the second copy is stored in the electronic medium. For non-taxpayers, it can be transmitted electronically in the direction of the customer's request (e-mail, etc). The second copy is stored electronically.
3How does this app work?
E-Archive invoices are converted to UBL-TR (Universal Business Language) format via the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform and sent to the contracted integrator firm to be stored there.